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The Agro Cluster of Serbia

At the end of 2017, The Agro Cluster Association of Serbia (AKS) was founded by three institutions: Produktna berza Novi Sad, The Institute of Agicultural Economics Belgrade and The Educons University Sremska Kamenica. Agro Cluster currently gathers 12 members, whose common mission is to create an adequate environment for the improvement of agricultural production, traders and processors in the agricultural market and to represent common interests before state institutions. The association helps its members in the process of applying for EU funds, with the organization of programs to improve the knowledge and skills of domestic companies in the field of agriculture and food production. In less than a year, the organization has established cooperation with 15 other associations and funds, as well as regional development agencies, and has succeeded in initiating and coordinating changes to regulations aimed at facilitating the trade of wheat.


The Agro Cluster of Serbia


-Improving mutual cooperation

-Representation of common interests before state institutions


-Identification of common problems of producers, traders and processors on the agricultural market
-Education in the field of innovation in agriculture


-Joint work on projects of introduction of modern technologies in the processes of production and trade of agricultural products

-Establishing a legal and institutional framework to develop the agricultural market
-More efficient connection with EU funds and assistance in project implementation


The Agro Cluster of Serbia

Establishment and functioning of The Cluster

About founders
Produktna berza was founded in 1958 by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Throughout its long existence, the commodity exchange has worked on economic principles and aimed to improve trade in commodities, especially agricultural products. Today, the commodity exchange has 150 members, from agricultural farms through warehouses, traders, to processors and exporters. In daily communication with them, the commodity exchange initiated the establishment of The Agro Cluster of Serbia with the aim of improving the business environment in the field of agro-industry in the Republic of Serbia.

The Institute of Agricultural Economics was founded in 1949. During its existence, as one of the oldest and most reputable scientific research organizations in the agricultural sector in the country, it has continuously monitored the economic problems of agriculture, analyzing them and giving suggestions for successful development of this important sector of the national economy. Initially, most of the activities of the Institute were related to the work realized for the needs of the then Council for Agriculture, and then cooperation was established with cooperatives and factories and intensive field and scientific research work began. Experts from the Institute will use their experience and knowledge to help the economy and other institutions in finding quality solutions for the agricultural sector through the Cluster.

Educons University in Sremska Kamenica, founded in 2008. A young university that bases its work on modern foundations and educates students in order to meet the needs of the modern market. Educons University has 11 faculties, and the education of students in the field of agriculture, IT and project management are just some of the segments that will help the work of the Cluster. Also, the expertise of professors from this University will be used for the purpose of quality education of cluster members.

About The Cluster

The Association Agro Cluster of Serbia was founded by three institutions: Produktna berza Novi Sad, The Institute of Agicultural Economics Belgrade and The Educons University Sremska Kamenica.

All three institutions, as the founders of The Cluster, subordinated their capacities to creating quality support for the work of The Cluster itself. Contacts and agreements on cooperation have been established with representatives of: the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of AP Vojvodina, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, numerous other specialized associations in the field of agriculture and businessmen. All of them expressed a positive attitude and readiness for cooperation, stating that a cluster of this type is extremely necessary.

  1. Cooperative Union of Vojvodina
  2. Center for Organic Selenium Production
  3. Regional Development Agency Backa
  4. Guarantee Fund Apv
  5. Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  6. Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina
  7. Regional Development Agency Srem
  8. Agricultural Cluster Krajina Banja Luka, Republika Srpska
  9. Poljoklast Brod, Republika Srpska
  10. Agricultural Cluster Srp Sokolac Republika Srpska
  1. Regional Development Agency South Banat Pancevo
  2. Regional Development Agency Zlatibor
  3. National Leader Network
  4. Company Put Jednog Projekta Novi Sad
  5. Rrds
  6. Naled Belgrade
  1. Hybrid Agro Dekarbonizacija-predrag Kuzmanović, Novi Sad
    2. „Tehom Team“ Doo Novi Sad
    3. „Mipeal“ Ooz Sivac
    4. „Živi 100“ Doo Kraljevci-ruma
    5. „Gvs Mont“ Doo, Dublje
    6. „Vitastil“ Doo Erdevik
    7. „Biosativa“ Doo, Novi Sad
    8. „Almamons“ Doo, Novi Sad
    9. „Energotours“ Doo, Novi Sad
    10. „Pokret Gorana Sremska Mitrovica“ S.r.p. Zasavica
    11. „Fruškogorska Mlekara“ Doo Novi Sad
    12. „Faculty Of Technical Sciences“ Novi Sad – Department Of Environmental Engineering And Occupational Safety And Health“

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The Agro Cluster of Serbia

Founders of the Agro Cluster of Serbia


Team of The Agro cluster Serbia

Short CV of key people

The AKS team, i.e. professional engagement, will increase in line with the increase in the volume of business activities.


The Agro Cluster of Serbia

Successfully completed projects

Cross-border cooperation project with Croatia IPA CBC CRO-SRB

Public-private dialogue for growth project

The mission of AKS is to improve the business and competitiveness of the agricultural sector of Serbia.