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The Agro Cluster of Serbia is a meeting place for relevant organizations and businessmen, whose goal is to collect and exchange information that is of great importance for helping the growth and development of the domestic agriculture and processing sector.

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The Agro Cluster of Serbia

At the end of 2017, Agro Cluster of Serbia (AKS) was founded by three institutions: Produktna berza Novi Sad, The Institute of Agicultural Economics Belgrade and The Educons University Sremska Kamenica.

Agro Cluster currently gathers 12 members, whose common mission is to create an adequate environment for the improvement of agricultural production, traders and processors in the agricultural market and to represent common interests before state institutions.


The Agro Cluster of Serbia


-Improving mutual cooperation

-Representation of common interests before state institutions


-Identification of common problems of producers, traders and processors on the agricultural market
-Education in the field of innovation in agriculture


-Joint work on projects of introduction of modern technologies in the processes of production and trade of agricultural products

-Establishing a legal and institutional framework to develop the agricultural market
-More efficient connection with EU funds and assistance in project implementation


The Agro Cluster of Serbia

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Cross-border cooperation project with Croatia IPA CBC CRO-SRB

Public-private dialogue for growth project

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